The artwork can be shown as performance and/or as performance documentary/installation.



  • Lighting: 2 projectors > 3500 lumen, 2 projection screens, floodlight, floodlight stands
  • Dimmer, light mixer, blacking out if possible
  • Audio system: 4 loudspeakers, 4 loudspeaker stands, mixer, sub, 3 microphones, 3 microphone stands
  • Seating: 30 mats on the floor (for the audience lying on the floor), stage podium 4 m x 4m, 60 cm high (for bio-
    lab) (seating can be adjusted to the conditions of the venue)
  • Cable: 3 microphone extensions: 10 m, 2 projector extensions: 10 m, audio cable extensions: 10 m
  • Wireless room connections
  • Video mixer and projector
  • Transgenetic cells in Petri dish in a warming cabinet, biosafety 1-2, temperature sensors and mattresses for spectators (12 up to 100), standard laboratory equipment, PC with software, screen. Casual PCR and flash gel for gene bands,
  • Space description: large room for 50 visitors or more (100 m2 or more, no chairs, no stage). Alternative: elevated stage (100 m2 or more and seating for 100 visitors or more) or elevated seating. After prior consultation many details can be adapted for specific spaces. Some equipment can be provided by the artists.


 Human resources needed

  • Technicians: lighting / sound programmer, video documentary: cameraman
  • Technical assistant: 1 day installation, cutback: 1 day • 1 lighting /sound technician: 1 day of rehearsal + final
  • performance, live-camera operator during performance



  • The warming cabinet (height 120 cm x width 80 cm x breadth 50 cm) which includes transgenetic yeast in a Petri dish, the sensors, mini-projector, media player operating valves??, green fluorescent protein and immortalized blood cells are pre-prepared in external lab, biosafety1, algorithms, software, screen display and media design provided all by the artists.